Saturday, March 24, 2018

Positive News

Positive News proud of Creston Valley’s wildlife stewards!!

The Creston Valley is the only known habitat for the last population of Northern Leopard Frogs in British Columbia (Canada) - one of the most endangered species of wildlife in the province. 

In the fall, the Northern Leopard Frog moves from its breeding and summer grounds to overwintering habitat - and this requires that they safely cross the dikes south of Duck Lake. 

The frogs not only cross the dikes to get to the overwintering habitat, but they also use the warm gravelly surfaces near and on the roads and trails to forage around; this makes them extremely vulnerable to being run over by motorized vehicles.

The Provincial Northern Leopard Frog Recovery Team (NLFRT) is soliciting Duck Lake users' help to protect and recover this critically endangered species during their fall migration. 

The team is calling for a voluntary road closure for motorized vehicles on the dikes around Duck Lake between 6:00 PM and 6:00 AM from September 1st to October 15th.


There was a great amount of collaborative effort to educate people about an invasive species – the Bullfrog - over the last year.

How cool it was to see the "Bullfrog are Bullies" sign installed at the Creston Valley Wildlife Management Area near the bird tower just south of the centre. A big thank you to support from Columbia Basin TrustNature Conservancy of Canada / Conservation de la nature Canada, the Fish and Wildlife Compensation Program, Habitat Stewardship Program and the Creston Valley Wildlife Management Area who made this project possible. *Kudos to Pink Dog Designs for the artwork and Speedpro Signs Nelson for printing the sign.


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Thursday, March 22, 2018

Angle Hill Studio


Looking for pieces that you are missing on your drum? Perhaps all you need is just one small part and can't find it. 

AngleHill Studios - a division of - has a large stock of various drum hardware and parts (some vintage) as well as ropes, rings and rawhides for hand drums as well. 

Dave, a music veteran of 35 years, has developed a percussion technician service - where he will strip down a drum set (drum, hardware, stands, etc) to each individual piece. Following inspection any repairs, re-threading, cleaning, lubrication or servicing is done prior to tuning. Your instrument will be given the chance to look, feel and sound the best the drum can be. 

Do you have a stripped thread that stops you from using an stand or clamp properly - if at all? Some simple re-threading can bring back the usability of that cymbal or microphone stand. AngleHill can also build custom hardware to your needs. 

How about cracked or broken cymbals? ...Dave has a solution for that too.

Dave feels that no drum is beyond repair and has experience fibreglassing cracked or broken shells, converting barrels into drums and even restoring antique banjos! 

New drum enthusiasts often call on Dave's "In-House Service" where he will visit your home, studio or school (within the Kootenay region) and help you set up your drums and percussion in the best possible way for your situation. This involves the understanding of acoustics, sound reflection and noise dampening techniques as well. He also checks posture, breathing and fluidity of motion of each client to ensure long lasting fun with out the unnecessary stressing of muscles and joints which could lead to pain. 

Typically serving the Kootenay and Okanagan regions of BC, Canada - Dave has also helped drummers from as far away as Florida (US). 

Find out more about Dave at:  where you can Learn about the Drum it Forward Program - helping schools and young drummers with the donation of repairs and drum parts from generous drummers.


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Wednesday, March 21, 2018

recommended resources

Recommended Resources

A vegetable garden can do more than save you money -- it can save the world. In this video below, Roger Doiron shows how gardens can re-localize our food and feed our growing population.


Don't miss this inspiring story of a single mom who grows food for her community: 

--  is a great little magazine that will help small farmers and market gardeners save money, time, resources, offers marketing strategies and more.  Be sure to check out their links section for a fantastic education resource directory:


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